Tuesday, 31 December 2013

7'1 X 21"

shaped this mid length back in june but never rode it till last week. wow! what
board. concave through the nose and quite big vee through the last
third out the tail..turns unreal and glides through the pocket seeking some very fun
lines....my summer just got better

Saturday, 28 December 2013

nice stuff

Mixtapes Explained to Modern Kids

and this one...i loved my mixed tapes...i would always hate when the radio
presenter would talk over that sweet intro or come in early at the end and fade
down the ever so sweet outro...but hell, it made for good listening... i goat
get the ol tapes out and have a listen!..
confession- my first ever tape/music i bought with my own money was- MC Hammer,
can't touch this! and following that was Belinda Carlisle, Runnaway Horses..and Def Leppard.
cool shit..

Film Photography Explained To Modern Kids

i stole this one from jackcolemanphotography blog...everyone remembers how
good film was yeh...mum always cutting heads off..haha and those waterproof
disposable cameras that you'd share with your mates to try and get sic barrel
shots of each other...only to get them back and find like 2 or 3 decent shots...
but those decent shots were soo worth it...and then you lost the photo 4 weeks later
anyways coz you were too lazy to put it in your album..haha..the future just doesn't
have the sentimentality of old....and i miss that.

Friday, 27 December 2013

What a find..!

my ol' man rang me the other day to tell me it was a shit, rainy day at home so he
decided to clean out his wardrobe....up the top, at the back, he finds his old
records he forgot all about and never knew he still had...what a stash!!
the "holy grail", original pressing of Morning of the Earth...something I've been
chasing for years now but have never parted with the $200 or so on ebay.
also, original pressings of Neil Young, the Eagles, Led Zepplin, Sade, Bowie, Elton John, 
Midnight oil..the list keeps going, over 80 titles. Fuck! what an amazing surprise...
is great to hear all these again, i grew up with my oldies playing this stuff, but was
on cassette in my time.....
i blew the dust off and have been flogging them ever since...good vibes:)

Saturday, 21 December 2013

wedding...and a little christmas cheer:)

as promised..a few pics from the wedding...a very special day indeed! things have been amazing
with the new location and our relationship only grows deeper:)..i am a lucky guy! 
..slowly getting back on board..a new camera in tow, be sure there will be plenty of 
shots of new local secret spots and the shaping bay will be back up and running 
in the new year...that sweet smell of resin back in the air..haha, i love it!

i will take this opportunity, (while I'm being personal) to wish everyone a merry 
christmas....what ever you believe in, and how ever you celebrate it..i wish you happiness, love and light...may the new year inspire growth and peace   ox


oz is my dead set fav!...designing his own clothing line now...im guessing it'll be
some pretty fresh stuff..

Sunny - Shoelaces

how fucking amazing is this song!!!...listen and love..

Friday, 20 December 2013

saw The Brian Jonestown Massacre at the HI FI in sydney on thursday night. wow! what a show,
these guys, especially Anton, are inspirational to me and i love all of their works. was good to
see these guys again...it was more of a oldies..or, greatest hits show, with most songs taken from tepid peppermint wonderland but amazing nonetheless. i was interested to hear newer works, but an album is on the way in 2014 so i guess another tour will hopefully be on the cards...the band was hear to co-headline merideth music fest with Deerhunter..(I'm sure that wuda been a mad show!) was good to see all the old faces..with Matt H, Joel, Frankie, Ricky and even Rob Campenella making the trip, Anton was in full mysterious, enigmatic swing donning sunglasses on stage and not saying a great deal.
i got onto the after party @ brighton up bar, oxford st. where Ricky DJd a fucking mental set of sonic wave/dirty electronica all from China! i was blown away, best set/club music I've ever heard. the room was small, ricky was cutting sic shapes behind the tables, and the peeps were movin', fucking cool shit...i talked to matt hollywood and met Frankie and Ricky for the first time...super nice guys who had time for everyone and were genuinely having a good time....respect guys!
also met Matt j Tow (frontman of the Lovetones, and past member/songwriter for BJM)...what a fucking amazing guy..super modest and just a beautiful human..we shared a cigarette out the front and chatted for about half hour..an amazing night...

Thursday, 5 December 2013

get ready for this!!! such a rad cast....would have chosen the same surfers myself...
its good how filmmakers are using an eclectic approach these days with surfers from many
angles,..logging, singles/retro and of course prog surfing...was sic of seeing shitty 3ft
mush and an air reverse for 30mins straight..
looking forward to this one..

Wednesday, 4 December 2013