Wednesday, 31 July 2013


                                           Cape Reigna
NZ was fun in april...great waves, no crowds and beautiful weather..21 deg
water!! spotted Ozzie and fam, jack coleman and ellis erricson doin some finless
sliding at was 6ft offshore for three days straight...left handers
till you can't paddle back out anymore! hard life..

Friday, 26 July 2013

what if money was no object?..Alan Watts

homemade beer

                                             belgian wit 5.2%
                                  belgian dubbel 7% (chimay blue clone, amazing!)
                              honey blonde 6% (actually looks like honey in a glass)
                        delicious, quality beer......
                         the laundry is now a dedicated craft brewery..haha

Monday, 22 July 2013

print inlays

                           new inlay experiment came up unreal, a photo is transfered
                        to a silk cloth and glassed onto the board- prototype successful!
                              i shot this at Lennox the same afternoon the Pasha Bulker was
                             running aground in Newcastle.. 6-8ft groomed lines, prob the
                              best waves i have ever surfed/seen and shot in Australia.
                                                               ahhh the memories :)

new batch

                                                    new batch of boards outa the shed
                               7'1 glider, 6'0 80's style thruster, 5'11 single flyer 2+1
                                              - all diamond tails, tints and pigments

Friday, 12 July 2013


PEACE. LOVE. ANARCHY.  peaceloveanarchy is a state of mind.., it is free thinking, it is individuality, it is DIY, it has no rules, no boundaries and no is all that is good left in the is pure.
it's about riding waves, the connection and harmony between being and nature.  the appreciation of the beauty around us...just stop and look.....

this is about DIY surfing, about the soul, and the core..

i have been making boards in the shed for a while now and thought i might put this out there..along with my growing cynicism toward the corporate surf industry and seemingly constant ranting about such...this is a place i can express my thoughts, love, interest, opositions and opinions to anyone who cares... it's a place for photos, clips, and an array of documentaries of my ever evolving surfing life - one that i love and am thankful for everyday.

stay tuned, updates will be rapid and hopefully the content will interest, i look forward to the journey...

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


back beach pumped for 3 days running a few weeks ago...and we were the only lucky ones..