Saturday, 28 February 2015

Carpathian - Isolation (Full Album)

people need to hear this..oldie but a goodie..Aussie HC.

WSL, more like American Capitalist Fucking Shit!

So, here it opinion....when i started this blog my opinions were flowing.. -they still are, and probably always will. having said that i thought there would be a lot more intelligent posts full of interesting literature and/or rants about what i thought about the surfing world..that didn't happen, it has been more of a photo log and sparse at that...the truth is, to us part time surfers/full time workers, we try to get as much water time but life gets in the we resort to cheesy internet clips about the true soul of surfing and cool dudes who ride anything, but also work for a corporate company and effectively are whores for said company...anyways the blog ended up more of a photo journal and i haven't spat any real opinions as yet....

i watched the Quiksilver Gold Coast Pro today.. it presented the same as last year and the few before that...Martin Fucking "know it all" Potter giving his best South African accent opinion about how everyone should surf a heat and be completely awesome....Joe "the most annoying man alive" Tripodi being the coolest Cali surfer guy ever, agreeing with Potts and a whole host of Clowns, not to mention the gorgeous Rosie Hodge and more advertising breaks than actual surfing..

The ASL got bought out last year..i think?, or maybe the year before?... anyways it got privatised, and quickly things changed...the logo the name...WSL or World Surf League!..this year is the debut of the uber American, total Capitalist piece of shit, that is now the pinnacle of surfing...
Could you make surfing any more SENSATIONAL?...the answer is NO!'s like the true life and heart has been ripped out and made way for post heat interviews with bimbo's who know nothing about surfing and a whole circus of corporate whores, advertising, and players who are more concerned with $$ than the actual sport...but why should i care?...every sport has been taken in that direction years ago and is all about the betting and TV rights, right? it's time surfing got the exposure and the professionals get the prize money they deserve...??
Maybe, Maybe Not?..
What i think is that  its nothing more than another piece of shit that has been taken over by Global Greed, probably apart of the illuminati!? haha yeh i said that...fuck it i'm out- good luck to Parko, and like Noa Deane said at the Surfer Poll awards in Hawaii late last year "Fuck The WSL!"