Friday, 25 October 2013


i got married to a wonderful woman (and my best friend:) on saturday..the last few days have been wedding and the final move in 2 days..garage sale tomorrow...internet will be down for a week or ill be back with vengeance once its sorted....many exciting things happening soon..

Monday, 21 October 2013

no posts for a while guys....i got married on the weekend!
it was amazing, everything we ever hoped for, photos to come
when we sort them...for now a little sunshine fairy for ya'll...
stay tuned to peaceloveanarchy cool things are happening.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Saturday, 12 October 2013

ode to Newcastle

we have moved our stuff north this weekend and we will be 
moving to stay in a week...i thought i'd do a little pictorial
"ode to Newy" to say goodbye.
Newcastle is an amazing place for surf, or rather the Hunter
region coastline, which spans from Seal Rocks to lower Central Coast. 
it has a variety of top class reef breaks, point breaks and quality
consistant beachies, it boasts rivermouths, breakwalls, a channel
and a harbour-which actually breaks inside the wall on a big NE swell,
it is fast, heavy and hollow and would have to be a world class (novelty) only breaks well a few times a year..the harbour is also
home to the world's largest coal exporter. ships come and go from 
around the world daily and the offshore shipyard where they wait
(from the harbour southwards) is nothing less than iconic. at times
there can be up to 40 vessels waiting about 3km offshore, making
any surf shot of Newcastle instantly recognisable the world over..

i am privileged to have grown up here and surfed these gems, and
many still somewhat untouched beaches..
a few pics from over the last 10 yrs, enjoy.

Friday, 11 October 2013


the quiver is actually about 7 boards stronger. i've lost track
of the others..they get borrowed and swapped and passed
on again...and if they come back they definitely have
a bit more character..haha, theres those favourites that arn't 
for loan but it is good to see a board 
that doesn't necessarily bond with you make a special 
connection with someone else..they are all beautiful in 
their own right...right??..and everyone surf's different so
 different strokes for different folks is a good thought pattern
to stick to..after all, we can't all ride the latest pro model shortboard..
or want to!. that's where it becomes interesting..yes there 
are all rounders..but what if u started to dedicate your 
quiver to different waves??..point breaks, beach
breaks, reef breaks, small fat waves, hollow fast waves..thruster,
 quadfin, twin fin, single fin, channels, just opened up a big world of 
possibilities...and most importantly fun! i tend to ride a different board
every surf..usually to match the waves...and sometimes one not really
matched but the challenge of such a venture is rewarding
and can help with your overall surfing ability..(i think)
respect and love your quiver folks...and i will say this...
experiment..find what works for you..not what is the flavour
of the month..take pride in your own style..
after all we surf to be free..not to be cool..yeh?

got the hard task of picking about 5 boards to take north
with me tomorrow and leave the rest behind...a quick shot
of the gang before they get split..

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

spin the black circle..

music is necessary for existence.. i take alot of
pride in my player/collection...keeps me truckin'

meanwhile on planet earth..

i love shooting at the summer vibes from
my camera phone..

Sunday, 6 October 2013


my brother's latest boards, handshaped and glassed
himself. the mal is his and the shorty for his daughter Indie.
resin tints look killer, he even pulled off the name
in red tint..

very, very cool stuff..creed eclectic style..