Tuesday, 16 June 2015

we are extending a 100yr old farm house 15 mins away in the hills....the old shack will 
soon have 1 bedroom,  a large studio, bathroom, laundry and a big deck overlooking the valley...
ALL materials are recycled/reclaimed and its good to be doing things the old way, using
hardwood throughout, hand cutting frames, building custom windows, re glazing
old doors etc..it has brought things back to a craft, and going to work is inspiring..
the finished product will look great, and i appreciate the owners vision and commitment
to do the old structure justice.

posts have been a little thin lately...the reason is my brother and i have gone into 
business for ourselves...the scope is general building, particularly decks, pergolas and
extensions- we are focusing on environmentally responsible materials.
i am just about to build a large shed in the backyard at North Haven...we will also
be building custom/one off pieces of recycled furniture and in the nearish future once
the business settles and my wife gives birth...ill hopefully get time to shape a couple of
tube shooters....actually, to let you in on it all,.. i am going to learn to weld once i have
the shed. the dream is to build furniture, surfboards, and garden art at home under the 
label peaceloveanarchy designs and build part time/ surf part time..haha sounds
good hey? future works will definitely be posted here on the blog so stay tuned..

in the meantime...i started a blog for our building company...we got super creative
with the business name haha...check it out if you got the time?..

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Friday, 12 June 2015

my mate who's in Sierra Leone, (and just got back from Iraq and South Sudan working for MSF-some crazy places he's been!)  sent me this pic the other day- haha old days in the shed of the
tree house at Floraville. my uncle build this amazing house, had a big beautiful loft main bedroom with a deck off the side overlooking redhead down to the channel and moon island...he also had a killer shaping bay under the house- was super dark in there with great lighting, board talk and beers in there most arvos.....
this pic is circa '07, we were shaping some dodgy boards, (but loving them) playing music in the garage most nights and red wine and bags of weed were abundant. we had not a care in the world...the 8 piece drum kit in the shed saw the police knocking on the door regularly and the once a month ecstasy parties started thursday and ended sunday, such a great party scene then..,and party house...the place would be overflowing but was nothin but good vibes and free love...great times, great friends, fond memories..