Tuesday, 29 April 2014

                               local lefts..

Monday, 28 April 2014

Monday, 21 April 2014

a couple of pulled back ones my brother took on saturday. heaps of clean ups and 
shutting down like crazy.... was hard work!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Thursday, 17 April 2014

groundhog day..

WOW! boy,.. have we been spoilt! all autumn so far has been 3-4ft offshore....
waves every day, and the banks have been hollow and peeling. 
never have i got soo many barrels in a session than yesterdays and this morns
surf.....bloody unbelievable! best time of year....rinsed and stoked!

Friday, 4 April 2014

music post

i purchased 2 new LP's the other day and I've been flogging them ever since...

i have loved Metronomy for many years now, (from the start). Joseph Mount is also my favourite voice in music...this huge statement was made to my wife about 3yrs ago....
Love Letters is a 60's drenched, electro, psychedelic voyage with all the hallmarks that distinguish
Metronomy's sound. Mount has said it is definitely not a concept album rather a progression
and expression of his evolving songwriting. Metronomy produce layers, somewhat minimal at first,
and grow into lush arrangements, mixing electro pop with traditional 60's psych instrumentation to create a very subtle record that really sparkles with each listen. Mount's lyrics and voice really brings the feeling.

a band that still writes LP's not singles....record of the year so far i think....and will be hard to beat.

Cherry Glazerr have released their second LP, Haxel Princess. A new band of youngsters from cali.
Clementine Creevy, vocals and guitar, is a total babe (and only 18, i think?) kicking out some skuzzy,
washed out, indie, dreamy, stoner grunge....call it what you will...its hot. limited pressing of only 40, on Burger Records. I'm happy i got mine...:)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

No Stickers!?...

so i suppose everyone (who cares) heard the announcement yesterday that Kelly Slater, 11 time world surfing champion, has split with long term sponsor of 24 yrs Quiksilver. This relationship was nothing less than iconic for both parties. Kelly has spoken publicly today about the separation and remained respectful and thankful to the brand and the longevity of their partnership, he was gratious and the true ambassador he always is. Kelly is the most amazing surfer the world has ever seen, and i personally wish him well, he is a favourite of mine, his disposition and character is true, he surfs because he loves it...you can really see this,... add a massive competitive spirit and you have an athlete that can push himself into realms unimaginable on the world stage, pressure is not an issue.
He lives a clean lifestyle good ethics- (he was also shagging Pammy Anderson back in her hey day!)  A true surfer with spirit....its good to see his roots remained through all the years of corporate exposure...he concentrated on catching waves.

Anyways, i think it's great to see the world's best surfer competing atm in Margaret River with no stickers!- an unsponsored surfer taking down guys with that many sponsor stickers on board I'm surprised they don't have face stickers when they interview after heats, that is in between the standard sponsor hat and sunnies for the tv. It's basically a corporate whore fest this new ASP with more adds and heat analysing than actual surfing....im not the biggest fan of it all, but i do like the look of Kelly Slater riding a board with no advertising on it..

Autumn skies

more goodness....the east coast has been shining recently. Autumn vibes
at an empty lineup..gota love this time of year..